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HTML Color codes Picker


{{ hex.value }}


{{ rgbCSS(rgb) }}


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HTML Color codes

Choosing the right color for a design or a website is always a challenging task for any designer. But our tool makes that job as simple as possible. You can simply find the perfect color and its beautiful shades, tones, and tints with our color picker tool.

You can easily choose the HTML color codes for your design or a website using our color picker by dragging your cursor through the Hue, saturation, and value bars. The color will be automatically changed in the background based on the currently-chosen color. Here you can get the HEX color code value, RGB value, and HSL value of a chosen color. You can simply copy and paste the HTML color code into your design.

Shades, Tones, and Tints


​Color shades are created by adding black in a base hue and that increases the darkness of that particular color.


​Color tones are created by adding grey in a base hue.


​Tint colors are created by adding white in a base hue, which increases the lightness. Tint colors are paler than the original.