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11 ways to boost your website traffic through social media

Here are the 11 effective ways to increase website traffic through social media networks.

Nowadays social media is highly influencing our daily lives and businesses. A single button can help us to interact with a large audience anytime anywhere in the world. According to 'Hootsuite', The number of social media users around the world in 2020 is 3.96 billion. That’s an increase of 9% from last year. I would say, Social media is a kind of blessing to marketers. Social media is one of the most efficient ways to connect and communicate with your target audience. Most companies use social media for their marketing strategy. With the help of social media, you can build brand awareness rapidly. Per 'Hootsuite' 90% of brands use social media to increase brand awareness.

Even if you have a wonderful platform for your business, definitely you need social media for targeting your ideal audience effectively.

How to increase website traffic through social media

In this article, we are discussing the 11 effective ways to generate quality traffic to your website through social media channels.

1. Optimize your social profile
2. Create shareable content
3. Identify the best time to share
4. Use social sharing buttons
5. Use visual content
6. Use Hashtags
7. Optimize your content for each social media
8. Use call to action
9. Participate in relevant groups and communities
10. Share the same content more than once
11. Decrease your site load time

Before we dive into the topic, let us have a look at some interesting facts about social media for business.

  • According to social media examiner, 90% of marketers say their social marketing efforts have increased exposure for their business, and 75% say they have increased traffic.
  • 81% of startups and medium businesses use social media for their marketing
  • According to Hootsuite, Pinterest drives 33% more referral traffic than Facebook for shopping websites.
  • According to Forrester, Instagram's per-follower engagement rate is 4.21%. This is 58 times higher than on Facebook and 120 times higher than on Twitter.
  • According to Ambassador, 71% of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others.

Website traffic through social media Infographic

Now, let us discuss each of these ways in detail,

1. Optimize your social profile

First of all, we need to start by optimizing the social profile because your profile is the first thing when a user clicks and see your social media page. It is the perfect place to tell about your business. Explain clearly who you are and what is your company all about? And it is a great chance to impress your audience.

Make sure you have a good profile picture which represents your brand and uses it across all your social media channels. That will help your visitors or users to recognize you easily. Make sure to include your website link in your social media profiles that is the effective way to drive traffic.

2. Create shareable content

Analyze your audience interest and analyze what type of content is attracting more viewers. Write the content which meets your audience expectations. People determine blog content by its headline so it is important that your headlines must entice your audience. According to Copyblogger, 80% of people will read your headline but only 20% will read the content that means your headline is a key factor to boost your social media share.

Use Bullet points and short paragraphs that will help you to bring more visitors to your blog post. Besides that informative, quality content which adds value to the audience gets more shares.

According to social media examiner, 90% of marketers say their social marketing efforts have increased exposure for their business, and 75% say they have increased traffic.

3. Identify the best time to share

Once you have identified the topics and created the quality content, Now it is the time to share your awesome post on social media channels. If you post whenever you like you can’t get higher engagement. When it comes to social media posting timings play a significant role. You need to figure out when your audience/followers are active on social media that will help you to get the widest reach to your post and more traffic to your website. Each social media channels have different peak timings.

Here is the guide that will clearly show you which time is best to share your content on different social media channels.

Social media promotion image

Over a period of time, the trend may be changed so keep test the posting time which is best for drive traffic.

4. Use social sharing buttons

Add social media sharing buttons on every page of your website and they are obvious because your visitors don’t have the patience to search the buttons for share. These buttons will help your readers to share the post with a simple click. Make sure that the social media sharing buttons show the share counts as well. The share counts will show your visitors that the other visitors are liked and shared this post and the counts will impact the new visitors to read and share that post.

Next, Use “Click to tweet” this will allow readers to share snippets throughout your blog posts.

5. Use visual content

A picture is worth a thousand words. Image content attracts more visitors and gets more engagement than text content. With the help of images, you can grab the attention of the readers.

  • According to Hubspot, visual content shared on social media 40 times more than other types of content.
  • According to Buffer, Tweet with images gets 1.5 times more retweets.
  • According to Hubspot, People share infographics 3 times more than any other type of content.

Add elements like images, infographics, charts, animations, GIFs, and videos in your social media post that will help you to drive traffic to your website and that will help you to keep your readers on your page for a long time also.

6. Use Hashtags

Add relevant Hashtags (#) that allows you to expand your reach and boost your brand visibility. Hashtags in your post will help you to increase your social media traffic as well. According to Buffer, Tweets with hashtags receive 2 times more engagement than tweets without the hashtag.

And remember that don’t use too many hashtags it will make your post look like spam.

7. Optimize your content for each social media

The active presence on multiple social media channels is very important for website traffic. Optimize the content for each social media will give higher engagement. All type of content is not suitable for every social media platform so you need to discover which type of content performs best in particular social media.

Here are some suggestions,

  • Facebook- Videos, Images, Blog posts
  • Instagram - photos, quotes, Short narratives
  • Twitter - blog posts, News articles, GIFs, autoplay videos. In Twitter use short URL like
  • LinkedIn - professional content, event promotion, industry news
  • Pinterest – Infographics, Photoguides, user-generated content

social media promotion image

8. Use call to action

CTA actually impact your readers and encourages them to take the next step that you want them to do. An effective CTA gives a clear direction to your visitors. Social media CTA is the best way to engage your visitors. With the help of Call to action in social media posts, you can drive traffic to your website and also increase your social media shares.

Some common CTAs are,

  • Read more / Learn more
  • Visit our site
  • Comment Below
  • Click here
  • Share on
  • Like / Share
  • Contact Us

9. Participate in relevant groups and communities

You can create or join social media groups that are relevant to your business and participate in active groups and communities is a great way to increase social media engagement. It can drive traffic to your website and it can help you to increase your brand visibility.

Participate in social media communities and groups allow you to connect with your customers and other professionals in similar industries. You can share a link and article for your group. You can participate in Twitter chats also and that will help you to expose your brand.

Make sure to respond to all your customer comments and questions on social media. It will help you to increase your brand loyalty.

10. Share the same content more than once

The main reason for sharing the content multiple times is to drive more traffic and it almost doubles your traffic. Your followers may locate in different time zones. They are not available on social media 24/7. Share your content more than once allows you to reach your followers who are located in different time zones and it also allows you to reach your new followers.

But never share the same message twice. While you share the same content on your website, you should incorporate some changes by including quotes from the post, related graphs from the post, and so on. This will help your posts look unique.

Remember that don’t share your post too frequently it makes you look like a spammer.

11. Decrease your site load time

If your website takes time to load while a reader clicks your link, you will lose half of your visitors. Google announced that the page loading time is one of their ranking algorithms. Page loading time impact your traffic and your conversion rate as well.


You need to monitor your results and optimize your social media strategy regularly to improve outcomes. Effective implementation of social media analytics will greatly help you to measure and understand the metrics of your visitors, User Behavior, Customer Optimization rate, ROI, Returning Users, Sentiments, etc. I am almost certain that the effective use of Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn will surely yield better marketing results.


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