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Top 7 most important tips for video marketing success

Top 7 most important tips for video marketing success

In the past few years, the video has grown as an unavoidable, most impactful, and most important communication medium. Especially for marketers, it is a very powerful tool to increase their web traffic and to promote their products and services most engagingly.

The video will continuously dominate overall web traffic and, According to Cisco, by the year 2021, 82% of all web traffic will be video.

Why videos are so important in marketing?

Before diving into the topic, let’s have a look at some important stats about video marketing and those stats will give you a clear view that why you should focus on video marketing,

  • Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. (Wordstream)
  • Video marketers get 66% more quality leads per year. (Optinmonster)
  • Including video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80% (Unbounce)
  • Video marketers achieve a 54% increase in brand awareness (Optinmonster)
  • Including video in an email leads to a 200 – 300% increase in click-through rates (Smallbiztrends)
  • 90% of users say that product videos are helpful to make purchasing decisions. (Forbes)

Creating a successful video is not rocket science and of course, isn’t an easy one too. But with the right strategy, you can make it so much easier. Here we have listed 7 important and easy to implement tips that actually work well to create a successful video.

Video marketing tips

  • Keep your story interesting
  • Keep your videos short
  • Hook the people within the first 10 seconds
  • Make your video interactive
  • Focus your language and soundtrack
  • Optimize your videos for search
  • Add a clear call to action button

Video Marketing Tips Infographic

Keep your story interesting

If you want to create an effective, engaging video, you need to focus on storytelling instead of sales. All viral videos in the world have some fun and interesting stories, Isn’t it? Because Interesting stories always help to connect with the audience effectively. So to create an effective video, try to combine your product with a story.

Your video should fulfill the needs of the viewers and it should provide value to them. Your video should offer information to the viewers that they want and it should lead them down the sales funnel.

Try to create emotions through your video, actually, emotions drive our behavior. Emotions like trust, curiosity, excitement, and happiness will help you to create viral videos.

Keep your videos short

If you like to grab the viewer’s attention for the full duration of your videos, make sure that your videos are in the perfect length. A recent study shows that now humans have a shorter attention span than ever. Do you know? The average attention span of a human being is only 8 seconds. That means longer videos not receive as much attention as shorter videos.

Shorter videos have high engagement and conversion rates.

Shorter videos are easy to consume, inexpensive to produce, and it has more capability to go viral. Hubspot recommends that the ideal length of videos for Instagram is 30 seconds, videos for Twitter is 45 seconds, videos for Facebook is 1 minute, and videos for YouTube is 2 minutes.

But at the end of the day, the length of your video is mainly based upon the content of your video. So you need to track and analyze your viewer’s watching behavior and optimize them according to that.

Creating a successful video is not rocket science and of course, isn’t an easy one too. Here are the 7 Important tips from storytelling videos to adding a call to action.

Hook the people within the first 10 seconds

As I said before, the average attention span of a human is very shorter than ever. So it is very essential to grab your viewer’s attention within the first 10 seconds.

Your video title should be stimulating and it should grab your viewer’s attention at a glance. On the other hand, your video title is not enough to engage your viewers. Remember that you have only one chance and only a few seconds to impress your audience. So try to use that time wisely.

You can start with a short greeting after that give a quick preview of what is in your video. You can also ask questions to create curiosity which is one of the best ways to hook your audience.

The first 10 seconds of the video should answer the question which is in your audience’s mind that is “why should I watch this video?”

Make your video interactive

Interactive video is another effective way to engage your audience and reach your marketing goals. According to Wyzowl, 70% of marketers say that interactive videos engage audiences “well” or “very well” and 68% of marketers believe that it will continue to become a more important component of modern marketing mixes.

Interactive video supports the viewer’s interaction, it allows viewers to interact with the video content similar to the way, the viewers would interact with the web content. The interactive video includes click, drag, and scroll that allow users to interact with the video content.

Of course, these kinds of videos take time and effort to create but if it is done well you can increase conversion rates.

Focus your language and soundtrack

A professional & clear voice and appropriate soundtrack are very important for engaging your viewers. Choose the right soundtrack that should grab your audience's attention and it should create emotions & feelings that you want to create.

On the other hand, according to Digiday, 85% of the video on FaceBook is watched without a sound. Keep this in mind while creating a video.

So make sure that your video should engage your viewers both with or without sound. Here are few tips to optimize your videos for without sound,

  • Use subtitles
  • Use eye-catching visuals
  • Use text overlay

Optimize your videos for search

Now you need to optimize your video for higher search engine ranking. If you do not optimize your video for search, you cannot get more views. It will ruin all your efforts. Here are some tips you can use to optimize your video to found on search engines.

  • Host the video on your own domain before uploading it to any sharing sites.
  • Include the relevant, main keyword in your title. Keep your title under 60 characters otherwise, it will be truncated in search results.
  • Add a description to your video and include keywords in it. Through descriptions, google spiders can understand what your video content includes.
  • Provide transcription to your video and word-to-word transcription is good for SEO
  • Create a video sitemap and submit it to Google, so that your video content can be indexed much faster by the Google spider.
  • Choose the right thumbnail is also good for SEO.

Add a clear call to action button

Call-to-action plays a pivotal role in any marketing content because without a CTA you cannot convert your viewers to customers. Actually, CTA gives clear direction to viewers, it guides them to what to do next.

Many video creators place their call-to-action at the end of the video and that is a very good place to include a CTA. Apart from that, you can also place your call-to-action at the mid of the video where your viewers are most engaged.

If you choose the mid-roll CTA, make sure that the CTA fits naturally with the content. Now you need to measure and analyze your video marketing success for future campaigns.

I hope the above 7 tips will be useful to create a successful marketing video.


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