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The Difference between UX and UI design - A beginner's guide

UX and UI are inseparable concepts that companion with each other. UX needs more creativity than UI and it requires knowledge beyond design.

  • Jan 12, 2019
  • 4 mins Read

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UI stands for user interface and UX stands for user experience. Both are very different in their nature but both design disciplines related to one another. Good web design combines UX and UI design together.

User Experience

User experience the term was coined by Donald Norman. User experience is how a person feels about using a product or service. User experience encompasses all aspects of the end user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products – Don Norman.

7 key factors that affect User experience

Peter Morville's user experience honeycomb model illustrates the facets of user experience beyond the usability.

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Usefulness – the companies must provide useful products or services to the customers. No one wants to waste their time with a product or service that is don’t help to achieve their goals easily.

Usability – usability refers to how easily and effectively users can achieve their goal with a product.

Findability – the product must be easy to find. In web design, all the features must be easily navigatable by the user.

Credibility – it is referred to the trust of the customers with your product. Customer testimonials and reviews on your website help to gain credibility.

Desirability – desirability plays an important role when the user has a lot of choices. Desirability creates an emotional bond with the user. Positive user experience is important for retaining users.

Accessibility – your product should be accessible by all kinds of users which include, designing for people who are with various types of disabilities such as hearing loss, impaired vision etc.

Valuable – the product must deliver value to the user.

What is User Experience Design?

User experience design (UX, UXD, UED or XD) is the process of enhancing user satisfaction with a product by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction with the product. – Wikipedia

UX design concentrate on what, where, when, how, why and who uses the product. UX design is the user-centric design and it is focused on the user’s needs and wants. How users interact with it? How they find information? Where they click for navigation? – These are all part of user experience. Simply says it is focused on the placement of visuals.

UX design is a mix of the technical and analytical field.

The process of UX design includes,

Research – In this phase, you will try to understand the requirements, conduct customers and the competitor's analysis, identify the user needs. From this, you can create user personas, and you can create experience maps.

Design – This phase will define the functionality and the features.  Based on the gathered data UX designer builds basic design. This phase usually includes draw paper sketches, create wireframes, create sitemaps and create prototypes.

Validation – In the validation phase, the designer performs the usability analysis to identify whether the product came up with the design phase is works or not. The process will continue until achieving customer satisfaction.

What is User interface design?

User Interface design focus on the product look and it is the feel and the presentation of a product or website. It generally refers to the physical layout of the element. It focuses more on colors, typography, Size of the icons, photography, graphics, button styles, and other visual elements. UI  design focus on maximum usability and the user experience.

UI designers designing each screen with which the user interacts. They have a responsibility to grab user’s attention because the interface is the first thing to see when users visit your website. The goal of the UI design is to make more efficient user interaction. User interface design plays a significant role in a user’s decision whether to stay on your site or not.

The process of UI design

Research– this phase includes identifying the target audience, and research the challenges & scope of the design.

Designing – In this phase, the designer creates a final layout design which includes choosing the right interface elements like buttons, icons, sliders, scrollbars, attractive color themes, right fonts, optimized images, organized navigation, and responsive design.

Testing – this includes the usability testing, identify the areas of errors, find the solution.

How UI Design and UX Design work together?

UX and UI are inseparable concepts that companion with each other. UX needs more creativity than UI and it requires knowledge beyond design.  UX designers spend a lot of time to analyze the user's behaviors for creating an effective experience. On the other hand, UI designers work on a visible part based on the wireframe.

Without UX, your design may look beautiful but it cannot be effective. Remember that, a good looking website is not enough to increase conversion. And without UI, your design is just a theory.  It means your design has a good frame or structure but it is not looking beautiful. UI design helps to create a personal connection with users. 

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