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How to create an effective landing page to boost conversion

How to create an effective landing page to boost conversion

In this competitive environment, it is necessary to pay attention to landing pages for your business's success.

What are landing pages?

A landing page is a web page where your visitors should land after they clicking the search results, online advertisements, social media posts, or marketing emails.

The ultimate goal of a landing page is to induce your visitors to take one desired action.

Your landing page is your first impression of your brand. So it should grab your visitor’s attention at the very first glance and it should drive them to the conversion funnel.

Before creating a landing page you need to ask some questions yourself,

  • What is the conversion goal of the page?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • Where are your visitors coming from?

Do you know? Even a small mistake in your landing page will ruin all your efforts. When creating your landing pages you need to adhere to some tricks and tactics to increase conversion.

How to create a high converting landing page

Here we have listed 11 tips to create an effective landing page to boost conversion,

  1. Keep your layout clean and simple
  2. Create compelling content with a killer headline
  3. Make your Landing Page easy to scan
  4. Add images or videos for visual engagement
  5. Highlight the benefits
  6. Make your CTA clear
  7. Use contrasting color
  8. Keep your forms short
  9. Optimize your landing page for SEO
  10. Include trust signals
  11. Use A/B test to find what works

Effective landing page tips infographics

Keep your layout clean and simple

The overall design of your landing page can directly impact your conversion rate. As I mentioned above, the main goal of the landing page converts visitors into customers. So keep this in your mind while creating your landing pages.

Make sure that your layout is clean and simple to avoid visual clutter and make sure that your landing page has a single specific offer. Don’t present multiple offers on landing pages. Multiple offers can decrease leads by up to 266%.

Don’t include unnecessary texts and images on your landing pages. Perhaps if you think, you have more space on your page so you can put more information, that means you are wrong. Adding unnecessary elements may important to you but not for your potential customers.

Those unnecessary images or information may hide the primary purpose of your page and that will distract your visitors. It won’t help you in any way for your conversion rate rather than that will kill your conversion rate only.

Don’t afraid to use white spaces, use simple design with plenty of white space that helps to reduce the distraction by unnecessary page elements and it helps to draw the visitor’s attention at a glance. Generally, White space gives clarity to your landing pages and it helps some elements of your webpage stands out as well.

Create compelling content with a killer headline

Your headline is the most important element in your landing page and it is the first thing your visitors will see. In fact, your headline act as a deciding factor. Depends upon headlines your visitors will decide whether they click and read your page or not.

So make your headlines powerful & straight to the point and create it as compelling as possible. Include your target keywords in your headlines and use emotional adjectives in it, that will help to increase the click-through rate.

landing page tips

You can also use tools like CoSchedule and Sharethrough to analyze your headlines.

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As I mentioned above, your landing page should have only a single specific offer. Focus that offer while creating your copy and make your landing page copy attractive and convincing to increase your conversion.

Use the AIDA model for creating your landing pages. AIDA is an acronym that stands for,

A - Attention
I – Interest
D – Desire
A – Action

AIDA act as a guide and it helps to make your content more effective, engaging, informative, and persuasive at each stage of the buyer’s journey.

Keep your landing page clear and concise but if you really want to create long-form content, keep your essential part above the fold. Don’t use sophisticated words in your landing pages, use simple words and avoid grammatical errors in your landing pages.

Make your Landing Page easy to scan

It is really important for landing pages to make it easy to scan because at first, your visitors just scan your copy. So if the content is not reader-friendly, your visitors will abandon your page immediately and looking for another one even if you provide a value offer.

Here are some tips to make your landing page easy to scan

Use bulleted points  – bullet points are a great way to provide key points in an easy to digest format. Usually, people would like to read bulleted points and lists. It provides a visible break for your visitors so your visitors can easily scan your copy.

Use short paragraphs – Long blocks of texts are really hard to read especially on mobile devices. That’s why you should keep your paragraphs short for better readability.

Make sure that your paragraphs are no longer more than 3 -4 sentences and make sure that the fonts are reader-friendly.

Use a lot of sub-headings – sub-headings used to break up the content and it will help your visitors to scan the copy easily. Use enough white space between paragraphs to make it easier on the eyes.

Use Bold and Italic – use bold and italic for important keywords that will help to make them stand out.

Your landing page is your first impression of your brand. It should grab your visitor’s attention at a very first glance and it should drive them to the conversion funnel.

Add images or videos for visual engagement

Images and videos have an important role in inducing your visitors to take the next step.

Add images and videos in your copy will turn your landing pages more interesting and engaging. Use high-quality, relevant, eye-catching images for a better user experience. Right Images help to convey emotions that actually needed for successful conversion.

Videos are a great way to entertain and entice your visitors and it is also the perfect way to deliver a lot of information in a short period of time. Videos can make even your complex landing page more accessible. According to Eye View, relevant videos on landing pages can increase conversion by up to 86%.

To increase your conversion rate place your video above the fold. Avoid autoplay videos on your landing pages and make sure that your videos are not too long. Autoplay videos generally, negatively impacts the user experience and long videos make your visitors feel bored and it distracts them as well. So make sure that your videos should be less than 2 minutes.

Highlight the benefits

On landing pages, you only have a few seconds to grab your visitor’s attention. Then how will you do it effectively? That’s where your Unique Value Proposition comes in.

Highlight your Unique Value Proposition (UVP) that helps to attract your visitor’s attention. UVP is a clear statement that clearly describes the benefits of your offer. Show your visitors what is unique about your product or service and that helps you to stand out from your competitors.

Remember it, Show the benefits of your products or services Not its features.

Let’s have a look at the following examples, Here is an example from Hostgator. Here they highlight their UVP at the middle of their page.

Landing page tips image two

Use bullet points to highlight the benefits that help your visitors to consume the information easily. Here is another example from Bluehost. Here they highlight their UVP on their hero image.

Landing page tips uvp

So it is necessary to explain the benefits of your offer on your landing pages in clear and concise terms to increase your conversion rate.

Make your CTA clear

Call–to–action button is the most important element on your landing pages because without CTA buttons you cannot convert your visitors into customers.

Your CTA needs to be clear and direct, it should tell exactly, what you want your visitors to do. Be sure that you don’t have more than one CTA on your landing page and remember it, your landing page should have only a single specific purpose.

Use contrasting colors and action-oriented words on your CTA buttons to make them stand out that will help you to grab your visitor’s attention. You can also use arrows to point your CTA buttons.

Usually, Green, orange, blue and red colors work well on CTA buttons. Create a sense of urgency and scarcity in your CTA is an effective way to boost your conversion.

Here is some example of conversion triggering CTAs,

  • Download now
  • Learn more
  • Get started
  • Start your free trial
  • Free download
  • Join now
  • Get a free quote today
  • Claim your discount today
  • Today only
  • Offer ends today

Here is an example from Wordstream

Wordstream example cta

Make sure that your CTA buttons are clearly visible when your visitors visit your landing pages. To make it clearly visible you can place your CTA buttons “above the fold” or “at the top of the page”.

Use contrasting color

Do you know? Colors can influence decision-making abilities. So make sure that you use the right colors on your landing pages to boost your conversion.

You should understand the psychology of colors before choosing the right color scheme for your landing page. For example, Blue represents trust, Orange represents optimism, Red represents excitement, and Green represents refreshing.

Keep your overall branding color palette in your mind while creating the landing page. It is highly recommended that use the same color which is used in your main website. Don’t use too many colors on your landing pages, it may distract your visitors. Make sure that your text and your background color is in contrast with each other.

You can use our HTML color picker tool to choose the right color scheme for your projects. You can also use Canva’s color wheel to find out which color combination works well.

Canva’s color wheel

Keep your forms short

If you use your landing page for lead generation, it is highly recommended that keep your forms short. Don’t ask too much information on your forms because no one likes to share too much personal information on online. Isn’t it?

If you ask too much personal information on your forms, it may scare your visitors. So there is a lot of possibilities that they leave your page without taking any action. If your visitors don’t trust your form, it will ruin all your efforts, your killer headlines, convincing content, attractive images, engaging videos, and powerful CTAs all will be useless.

Usually, Name, Email address, and company name are more than enough for conversion forms and asking phone number and Date of birth can drop your conversion.

Let your users register with their social media accounts and make sure that your form should be mobile-friendly.

Here is an example from Canva,

Canva login form image

Optimize your landing page for SEO

Search engine optimization is the optimization page elements to get a higher ranking in search engine result pages (SERPs) when someone types a relevant query. Whether you are running short-term campaigns or longer campaigns, you need to optimize your landing page for a better user experience.

How do you optimize your landing page for search engines?

It’s very simple. Here are a few tips to optimize your landing pages.

Include your keywords

Include your target keywords on the URL, Title tag, meta description, header tags, throughout the content, and image file names to get a higher rank in SERPs. But don’t stuff your keywords on your pages that will negatively impact your search engine rank.

Speed up your page

Loading speed is one of the most important factors for search engine ranking. Do you know? A 1-second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversion and 47% of customers expect a webpage to load in 2 seconds or less. The loading speed is also considered a symbol of professionalism.

So it is very important to ensure that your page loads fast. First, you need to analyze the current speed of your page. You can use speed analyzing tools like Google page speed insights and GTmetrix to analyze your page speed. These tools also suggest ways to reduce your page loading time.

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Make sure that your landing page is mobile responsive

In this ever-growing digital world, people access the internet via mobile devices are increasing day by day. According to Statista, 52.2% of all website traffic was generated through mobile phones in 2018. So you need to optimize your pages for all devices is very important to stay ahead of the competition.

Make sure that your pages look good on mobile devices and make sure that your buttons should not so close to each other and it should be large enough to click.

Add social media share buttons

Add social sharing buttons on your landing pages will help you to expand your reach It encourages social shares, with the help of those buttons your visitors can easily share your great offers with others.

Add contact information

Make it easy for your visitors to contact you and include various methods of contacts on your landing pages that will help your visitors to reach you easily. It also helps to build trust among your visitors.

You can put your phone number, email address, and social media buttons on your landing pages. You can also include a link to your help centers on your landing pages.

Include trust signals

Include all the trust elements is one of the effective ways to boost your conversion. In fact, 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. Add trust signals on your landing pages create credibility among your visitors and it helps to persuade them to move down the conversion funnel.

Here is an example from Hostgator,

Hostgator image

You can provide a variety of trust elements and social proofs on your landing pages, including,

  • Customer Testimonials
  • Product reviews
  • Awards
  • Number of social shares
  • Social media mentions
  • Customer success stories
  • Customer brand logos
  • Press mentions
  • Number of subscribers
  • Usage statistics
  • Security badges

Here is another example from MOZ,

Moz trust image

Use A/B test to find what works

You need to test your landing pages to find which helps to boost your conversion rates. A/B test is the most effective way to test the performance of your landing page and it will help you to find out which landing page layout or elements are work well for your target audience.

You can use Hotjar to find out how users interact with your page.

If you want more accurate data, then you need to run more A/B tests and remember it, each A/B test is only for a single variant. If you change two variants, you can’t get accurate data because, in two variants, it is difficult to find out which one impacts your conversion rates.

With the help of the collected data, you can redesign your landing page and you can boost your conversion rate as well.


Landing optimization is very important for your business success. Consider the above 11 simple tips while creating your landing page. I hope this guide will help you to optimize your landing pages for better conversion.


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