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22 Effective Twitter Marketing tips for your Business success

22 Effective Twitter Marketing tips for your Business success

Twitter is a highly-efficient social media marketing tool for all types of businesses, and it is the perfect platform to promote your business. If you use this platform effectively, you can increase brand recognition, increase sales, and expand the reach. It is a great platform for customer service as well.

Before diving into the topic, let’s have a look at some important statistics that actually give a clear view of why you should use Twitter for your business.

  • Twitter has over 330 million active monthly users (source)
  • 75% of B2B businesses are marketing on Twitter and 65% of B2C businesses are marketing on Twitter. (source)
  • 79% of Twitter users more likely to recommends brands that they follow (source)
  • 67% of Twitter users more likely to buy from brands that they follow (source)
  • 85% of users feel more connected with businesses after following them (source)
  • 40% of Twitter users say they have made a purchase as a result of a Tweet from an influencer (source)

That’s why it said that Twitter is a highly- efficient marketing tool to grow your business.

Do you know?

The average life span of a tweet is extremely short and Moz found that the average life span of one tweet is only 18 minutes and 500 million tweets are sent every day. Over 8500 new tweets are sent every single second.

This is extremely crowded, right?

Then, how will you use Twitter for your business effectively?

The complete guide for Twitter Marketing

In this guide, we are explaining the 22 simple but effective Twitter marketing tips that will help to grow your business. Let us get into it,

Customize your Twitter profile

  • Choose the right Twitter handle
  • Make your profile photo and your header image look great
  • Write an attractive Bio
  • Include your website URL in your Bio
  • Get verified

Build your Twitter network

  • Follow people who are relevant to your business
  • Find  influencers and engage with them
  • Use Twitter lists
  • Host or participate in Twitter Chats
  • Promote your Twitter account outside of Twitter

Engage with your followers

  • Follow back people who follow you
  • Interact with your followers
  • Use @mentions
  • Use retweet with the comment to connect with your followers
  • Create Twitter polls to interact with your followers

Increase your post engagement

  • Share interesting contents with killer headlines
  • Find the peak time for posting
  • Use right Hashtags
  • Use multimedia content to increase retweets
  • Tweet multiple times in a day
  • Advertise on Twitter

Measure your Twitter marketing results

  • Use twitter analytics

twitter marketing tips infographic

The average life span of a tweet is extremely short, according to Moz the average life span of one tweet is only 18 minutes. Then, how could it be an efficient marketing platform?

Customize your Twitter profile

The very first thing is you should customize your Twitter profile because your profile is the first impression your audience or followers get. Make sure that your profile should be impressive, and it should create interest in your business at the very first glance.

There are some locations you need to customize in your profile.

Choose the right Twitter handle

It is your Twitter user name. It should be easily recognizable and it should be easy to remember as well. Use your company’s name as a username of your Twitter account so that people can find your profile easily.

Keep it as short as possible. With the short names, you can reduce the number of characters. It would be easy for someone who mentions you in their tweets or replies to you because of the character limit.

If the brand name is not available, try to get something similar to your brand name.

For example,

  • Include your industry – add abbreviations for your industry like “app”
  • Use get – add get in your user name. this turns your user name into a call- to –action.
  • Use HQ – add HQ in your user name. people assume an account with HQ in user name it the official account for your business

Twitter marketing image 01

Don’t use any punctuation marks in your Twitter handle.

Use the same user name across all your social media profiles that will help people to recognize easily.

Make your profile photo and your header image look great

The header image is the background image of your Twitter profile. It should represent your brand and you can add some unique information that you can’t add in your bio. You can add your business slogans in your header image.

Make sure that the image will increase your brand awareness. You can also use your product's pictures or pictures related to your brand concept.

Keep your header image simple but make sure that it looks great and it should grab the attention of the people.

The recommended size of a header photo is 1500 px X 500px in JPEG or PNG format. You can also use tools like Canva for creating your header image that offers free templates.

Use your official brand logo as your profile picture that will help to increase brand recognization. The profile picture is always displayed as a circle so make sure that your image’s corner won’t get cut off when cropped into a circle.

If you like to use company CEOs or initials photos as your profile picture, use some professional headshots.

Write an attractive Bio

Your Twitter bio is right under your profile photo. Usually, it is the first thing when people will look at your profile and it also shows in search results.

It should describe your company within the 160 character limit and it should be engaging & factual. Here accuracy is the key. Describe exactly what your brand is and tell people what to expect when they follow you.

Write a bio for your target audience and make sure to include brand-related keywords in your bio. Add some relevant hashtags in your bio that will help people to find you easily when they search for those terms.

If your brand has multiple Twitter accounts, don’t forget to include a link for other accounts in your bio so that people can easily find them.

Here is an example, they add their other accounts in their bio.

Twitter Marketing Image 2

Include your website URL in your Bio

Add your website URL as a clickable link in your Twitter profile is a simple but effective way to get some referral traffic to your website.

Twitter Marketing Image 3

Get verified

It is the blue checkmark badge that appears next to the account name in the profile and also in search results. When people see your account, they will notice that your account was verified by Twitter that will make your brand trustworthy. They trust your content as well. However, Twitter verified account program is currently on hold. They are not accepting any new requests at this time. Please watch out for the update, once it is available you can opt-in for the Verified account program.

Build your Twitter network

Developing your Twitter network is the next step in your Twitter marketing strategy. Here are a few tips to build a Twitter network,

Follow people who are relevant to your business

If you want to people follow you then you have to start following other people first. You have to follow who are relevant to your business. Use Twitter search to find people who are relevant to your brand or business.

You can follow your customers, related businesses, friends, and users who provide useful information.

If you start following people, many of them will following back. so automatically, you can increase your number of followers.

Find  influencers and engage with them

Find relevant influencers, follow them, retweet and comment on their posts, let them know you are listening to them and it is the best way to engage with your influencers.

You can use Twitter search to find relevant influencers and you can also use tools like klear and twitonomy to find influencers.

Influencer Management

Find the right influencer is the key here.

Consider the below points when choosing an influencer,

  • Number of followers
  • Followers growth
  • The engagement rate of their posts
  • Number of shares on their posts
  • Kind of mentions

Send a direct message to the influencers and ask them to promote your business in a tweet. If you have a better connection with them, they would like to respond to you.

They can help you to expand your reach & build credibility and as a result, you can get more followers and you can get more website traffic as well.

In fact, recommendations or suggestions from influencer tweets increase purchase intent by 5.2 times when compared with tweets from brands.

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Use Twitter lists

If you follow a higher number of people, it is really hard to track and interact with everyone’s posts. You may miss some important tweets and you may miss people you really want to track.

Twitter lists are the solution for that issue and it is the organized group of Twitter accounts based on a specific category. You can create either a public list or a private list that will help to manage your contacts.

You can create separate lists such as,

  • Target audience
  • Potential customers
  • Competitors
  • Influencers
  • Inspiration people
  • Experts

Now you can view the tweets of the list members in a separate Twitter timeline so you can interact with them easily. It is a great way to build a relationship with your target groups.

You can also subscribe to the public lists of other people so that you can view the tweets of the people that you don’t follow. This helps to increase your brand reputation.

Host or participate in Twitter Chats

Host or Participate in Twitter chats is an effective way to expand your Twitter network. It helps you to get more exposure for your profile and it also helps you to make a personal bond with your audience.

Several Twitter users discuss a specific topic at the same time using a shared hashtag is known as Twitter chat.

To host a Twitter chat you need to choose a specific topic or specific question, create a hashtag, and then set a time or date for the chat. While scheduling your chat you need to consider your target audience and the time zones of them.

Now you need to promote your Twitter chat to your followers through Twitter and other social media channels.

Through Twitter chats, you can discuss with your audience and ask their opinions as well.

You can also invite special guests and influencers to answer a few questions. This makes your Twitter chat more interesting & more engaging and this will help to reach a new audience as well.

Promote your Twitter account outside of Twitter

Advertise your Twitter account is another best way to increase your number of followers. Add a twitter button on every page of your website, mention on FaceBook, Ask your email subscribers to follow you on Twitter will help you to promote your Twitter account.

You should give them a reason, describe what benefits they will get for following you on Twitter.

Engage with your followers

Interact with your followers help you to build a personal bond with your followers. so they will like to come back to your profile that increases your brand loyalty. People like your brand when you interact with them.

How to interact with your followers effectively? Here are some tips,

Follow back people who follow you

Follow back people who will follow you and thank him or her to follow you. You can send a short message or direct message to them that will help to create a personal bond with them.

Twitter marketing image 5

Check your direct messages regularly and make sure to respond to them.

Interact with your followers

Review your follower's tweets and if you feel that it is great content retweet that post or like that post or reply to them.

Remember that it is a platform for conversation, so be sure to connect with your audience always.

When people reply to you respond to them that will help to build your brand image. According to a recent study, 77% of Twitter users feel more positive when the brand replies to their tweet, and 60% of customers expect brands to respond to their queries within an hour.

Use your Twitter account for customer service that is the best way to use Twitter for your business. According to Twitter, 85% of SMB Twitter users said that it is important for businesses to provide customer service on Twitter.

When you handling customer service on Twitter, keep your conversation at public whether it is positive or negative. It shows that you provide great customer service and if you need any personal information of your customer then move your conversation from public to privately direct message.

Use @mentions

Mentions used to draw the attention of other Twitter users. When you mention influencers, followers, or other brand’s tweets they will receive a notification. It is beneficial to them, they get more exposure. So they likely to return a favor, they may share your post or appreciate the post that helps you to increase your brand reputation.

Make sure that you respond to your customer and media mentions.

Use retweet with the comment to connect with your followers

Use retweets with comments when you want to share people or the brand’s interesting or informative tweets instead of just retweet because it adds additional value to your followers.

Create Twitter polls to interact with your followers

The Twitter poll allows you to question your audience with four options. Twitter polls help you to expand your visibility and it helps to learn about your audience.

All you need to do is craft your questions and select the options. Now click the compose tweet box then click the horizontal graph icon. Enter your question and the options in choice boxes.

Twitter Marketing 6

By default, the poll length is 24 hours, but it also allows you to set the timeframe.

Conduct a poll at peak traffic times so that you can get the highest engagement and use your polls to interact with your followers.

Increase your post engagement

Post engagement plays a pivotal role in the growth of your Twitter account. Here we have listed a few tips to increase the engagement of your Twitter post.

Share interesting contents with killer headlines

Providing high-quality content is the key to your social media presence. High-quality, compelling content helps to attract new followers. Share interesting, valuable, informative content with compelling headlines within the character limit 280.

Post relevant trending topics that will make your post more engaging. Make sure that your post should generate curiosity or it should state the benefits.

Create killer headlines that should influence your followers to click the post, retweet the post, or like the post.

Share an irresistible quote from your article that helps you to hook the attention of the people. Twitter also allows you to share the links of your blog post or your website. So you can drive traffic to your website through Twitter.

Use pinned tweets to draw the attention of people. Usually, the pinned tweet gets more impression so change your pinned tweet often. Make sure to pin the latest blog post of yours that will help you to drive more traffic to your blog post or website.

Find the peak time for posting

As I mentioned above, the average life span of one tweet is only 18 minutes. So it is necessary to find the optimum time for posting to get maximum engagement otherwise, your post may lose in the crowd.

You have to post when your followers are active on Twitter that helps you to get more clicks and more impressive.

According to a recent study, between 12 pm and 6 pm is the best time for posting on Twitter and your peak time is mainly depends upon your audience. So keep test your posting time and find out which is best for your brand.

You can also use tools like Tweriod to find the best time to tweet. It analyses your followers and shows you when your followers are more active on Twitter. It also shows you the time when your Twitter gets the most exposure.

Tweriod image

Use right Hashtags

Hashtags are the best and effective way to expand your reach. If you tweet with hashtags when someone searches for the specific hashtag they can able to see your tweet.

According to Buffer, tweet with hashtags gets 2 times more engagement than those without. Use only minimum hashtags and tweets with 1 or 2 hashtags have 21% higher engagement than those with 3 or more hashtags.

Before adding hashtags in your tweets you need to find out which hashtags are trending. Use Twitter analytics to find your most successful hashtags and use the RiteTag tool to find the best hashtags for your tweet.

All you need to do is enter a keyword related to your topic and RiteTag provides a list of relevant hashtags. Now you can choose the most relevant hashtags for your tweet.

You can also check the popularity of the hashtag in the Twitter search bar. When you type the hashtag in the search bar it shows how many tweets use that hashtag in an hour or in a day. It will help you to choose the most popular hashtags so your post will get more visibility.

Use the right hashtags is very important here and remember that don’t overuse them.

Use multimedia content to increase retweets

Humans are visual by nature that’s why visual contents are very effective to improve the engagement of your post. If you want to grab your audience's attention, use multimedia content like images, infographics, videos, and GIFs in your tweet.

According to Buffer, Tweet with images receives 150% more retweets, 89% more favorites, and 18% more clicks. Use relevant and high-quality images only and use a tool like Canva to create your own image.

According to Hubspot, People share infographics 3 times more than any other type of content.

People love videos because it provides all valuable information in a short span of time. According to Twitter, videos are 10 times more engaging and videos are 3 times more likely to be retweeted than GIFs and 6 times more likely to be retweeted than images.

Twitter Marketing image 07

Multimedia contents not only increase retweets but they also drive more traffic to your website.

In our previous article, we briefly explain How Visual Contents increase blog engagement

Tweet multiple times in a day

You should tweet at least three times a day that will help you to get more exposure and that leads to more engagement. So you can attract more followers as well.

According to Adweek, 92% of companies tweet more than once a day, 42% tweet 1- 5 times a day and 19% tweet 6- 10 times a day.

If you have a global audience you have to Tweet more frequently and make sure to reach the different time zone as possible.

As I mentioned above posting time is depends upon your followers. If it is necessary you can also use Twitter management tools that will make your life easier.

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Advertise on Twitter

With the help of Twitter ads, you can target your potential customers and increase your engagement. 3 types of Twitter Ads are there,

  • Promoted tweets
  • Promoted Accounts
  • Promoted trends

Promoted Tweets – it is the best option for advertisers to increase engagement and increase exposure beyond their follower base. Promoted tweets are just like regular tweets, you can retweet, like or reply to that tweet and it is clearly labeled as promoted.

Twitter Marketing Image 08

Promoted tweets appear in the timeline of users and in search results.

Promoted Accounts – it is a great option to increase your followers and it appears in suggestions (whom to follow), search results, and user’s home timelines. According to Twitter, 85% of Twitter users find promoted accounts useful for discovering new brands.

Twitter Marketing Image 09

Promoted account ads target users who are relevant to the advertiser’s brand.

Promoted Trends – it appears on the top of the trending topics list on Twitter and it also clearly labeled as promoted. Promoted trends are a good option to promote a specific hashtag.

Twitter Marketing Image 10

Promoted trends are visible to all users on Twitter.

Measure your Twitter marketing results

Measuring your Twitter marketing results allows you to estimate your campaign success. With the help of analytics, you can get a clear view of which is work and which is not. so that you can optimize your Twitter marketing in the future for better results.

Use twitter analytics

Twitter analytics is one of the best tools that you can use to grow your Twitter account. To access your Twitter analytics click your profile image which is in the top right corner then click the analytics.

It is a great place to identify what type of content gets more engagement. Here you can see your top tweets for the month. It will help you to find out popular contents among your audience so that you can continue to create more content around that topic. You can also share this tweet often throughout the month or next month but don’t share that tweet exactly. Share it with different images, with quotes or with different words.

Next, you can see your top mentions for the month. once again thank them that will help you to create a strong personal bond with your audience.

You can also identify who are the most influential people (Top follower) in your audience.

Twitter Analytics also gives you a clear view of the performance of your tweet. It helps you to know the number of impressions, rate of engagement that your tweet has received. You can see that in your tweet next to the like and share button.

Twitter Marketing Image 11


Twitter is an effective marketing tool to reach your target audience, increase brand awareness, drive more traffic, and increase sales. It is a very powerful tool for your customer service as well. So twitter plays an unavoidable role in any business’s marketing strategy.

With the right tactics, you can increase your visibility and engagement. I hope all the above ways and tips will help you to achieve your goal.


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